How knowing Arcatypes can help in careers

Life is a journey down a corridor of dilemmas, always a door to choose. Should I marry this person or not? Should I take that job or not? Should I move home?

We choose a door, and then a whole new corridor of dilemmas opens up as we continue this journey, an endless web of binary choices and outcomes. Without having the right life map, our decision making is haphazard, wrong, or simply nonexistent.

Your Arcatype contains the key to your correct life map.

What skews our judgment in that corridor are the voices of our past: parents, teachers, society, all the people who’ve scratched away at our true self. But the voice most worth listening to is the one that resonates with your nature, how you were born. Your Arcatype personality profile is prenatal, remember.

What often stops us listening to this voice of our nature is that it seems to originate from a place buried deep inside us, almost with a life of its own, so we have trouble trusting it. This voice is a collect call from your ancient genes, sometimes called a “gut instinct.”

Some gut instincts are common to all humans, and some are specific to certain groups of humans. Some gut instincts should be listened to, some should not, and some should be adapted to modern life. So, making good choices is also about which door not to choose, as a well-known parable illustrates:

A scorpion asked a frog a question: “I want to get across the river. If I sit on your back, will you swim me across?” The frog replied, “No! If I do that, you’ll sting me to death.” The scorpion said, “Why would I do that? If I did, you’d sink, and we would both drown.” The frog accepted the scorpion’s explanation and agreed to the request. Halfway across the river, the scorpion stung the frog. Sinking, the frog said, “Why did you do that? Now we will both die!” The scorpion said, “I’m sorry. It’s just my nature.” Both the scorpion and the frog drowned.

I don’t condemn the scorpion for stinging the frog; I condemn it for not respecting its inherent nature and making a bad choice as a result. A scorpion should not be taking rides on other animals to get across the river; it simply needs to stay on this side of the river or find another way to cross. That’s not defeatist; it’s efficient. It’s the natural line of least resistance across its life map.

Whenever we have to hack a path through The Universe with brute force, it usually means we are on the wrong path. Not that the goal can’t be achieved, but it might not ultimately make us happy.

The frog knew of the scorpion’s nature, but it didn’t act upon the knowledge, so the frog is as much to blame. Arcatypes teach you not only what your own nature is, but also that of others, practically to the point of reading their minds and anticipating their actions and reactions. And you will stop wishing other people could change and be more like you, because you will then know their inherent and immovable nature. Understanding others leads to acceptance of others, and acceptance leads to inner peace. Reality, not fantasy, is the bridge to an authentic life experience.
Recovering and embracing your inherent nature is not only the line of least resistance, it’s the key to revealing who and what you are and precisely what your purpose is. When you’ve identified and accepted your true nature, something magical happens in that corridor of life choices: the correct door for you pings open automatically, and you confidently walk through it, into a new corridor, where the next door does the same.

Arcatypes help you define what type of “gut” you have and to interpret exactly what it’s saying so you’re more confident about listening to it, and so its voice stops getting muffled by nurtured forces and the cookie-cutter life map society wants you to use.

Discover your Arcatype here.

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